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Polyamory in the News: How the world is seeing us

Hi folks! Another season, another news roundup....

Dear Abby treats us like normals, almost. Promoting a poly event in the mainstream media with brains and cute overload. Obliterating a clueless mental-health professional. TV done right. Next-generation voices, teenage and up. And, “with their heads on their shoulders, they create their own identity using tools 2.0.” (That’s supposed to be us.)

If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

  • Dear Abby, the world’s most widely syndicated newspaper columnist, takes a straightforward approach to a triad’s question about coming out to family.

  • Public TV tells our story beautifully — in Germany. You won’t see a documentary like this on timid, un-free PBS quite yet.

  • An elderly poly couple from that documentary ventures onstage to discuss their lives and explain their philosophy for a solid 30 minutes on a top-rated German TV talk show. BTW, Polyamory in the News gets more hits from Germany than any other non-English-speaking country.

  • Monogamish.” There’s been a boomlet of media attention to what gay culture, and many gay marriages, can teach the straight world about tailoring some negotiated non-monogamy into committed relationships. Now two leading gay/lesbian publications, The Advocate and Autostraddle, pile in. “Gay Marriage Doesn’t Change Straight Marriage… Except When It Does.” The slippery slope is here. Or… is it actually a stairway up?

  • “No flowers in the hair or colorful robes: these are men and women of their times. They are architects, managers, cooks, teachers. With their heads on their shoulders, they create their own identity using tools 2.0,” burbles France’s largest newsweekly magazine. “The 21st century will be one of ‘multiple love, polyunion, polyfidelity, polyamory,’ Jacques Attali prophesied…. And if he's right?”

  • The Polyday organizers in London promoted their event with wit and cute overload in the newspaper and on TV in the week beforehand. This is how it’s done, folks.

  • The “Sister Wives” family challenges anti-polygamy laws. Why this matters to polyamorists, and why the polygamists could actually win this time. A case to watch in coming months and years.

  • When a Psychology Today therapist-blogger opined about “Why ‘Open’ Marriages Don’t Work,” she didn’t realize the buzz saw she was backing into. We sure can mobilize. Did we overdo it?

  • Getting serious for a bit: The future of our defining word, and what you can do about it.

  • Some Next Generation voices.

  • And more.

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    Oh, also: Check my ALAN’S LIST of POLYAMORY EVENTS for the upcoming 12 months. I’m maintaining and updating it continuously. Also includes LISTS OF LOCAL POLY GROUPS worldwide, so you can find the social/ support/ discussion groups and happenings near you. (If you run a website… linky please?)


    Happy autumn,


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