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Poly in the News: Latest Roundup!

The day before a key Republican primary, polys become a political football in a good way. More polyfolks discover they can appear on TV and not die. Joys of poly parenting are described to the world. The feminist roots of modern poly get an airing. And the Polyamory Leadership Network gets its first mention in the New York Times.

If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last couple months (or subscribed by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

  • A wave of profiles about honest open relationships, and poly done well, continued well after New Gingrich’s former wife dropped her bomb in January. If you missed it, start with this batch and work back.

  • I was particularly struck by how, the day before the Florida primary, the largest newspaper in Florida’s largest Republican region profiled the local poly community to contrast its good ethics and mutual caring against Newt’s scuzziness. Looks like they were out to get him. If we’re going to be used as a political football, that was a good football to be.

  • “Open Marriage’s New 15 Minutes” in the New York Times, with a coming out for the Polyamory Leadership Network.

  • When triad life comes easy. Making a home together as a three or more is often a whole lot of emotional work, and those are the case histories that tend to circulate — so it’s easy to overlook the naturals: the lucky folks who take to group relationships as easily as fish to water.

  • Slate discovers “the surprisingly woman-friendly roots of modern polyamory”. Of course this has been widely remarked for two decades. It’s probably the biggest difference between the current “third wave” of polyamory, in Elisabeth Sheff’s term, and the more male-dominated “second wave” of the 1960s. The author also tells about us on public radio.

  • The future won’t be like the past. One of Britain’s leading Sunday newspapers examines the “ ‘sexual body warriors’ and pioneers transforming 21st-century relationships”. Polys get major treatment.

  • The Good Men Project runs a suite of poly-related articles, after the Polyamory Leadership Network helps mobilize writers.

  • At the high-traffic parenting site, Sierra reflects on her brimming life as a poly parent with a combined six kids: Poly Parenting: A Day in the Life.

  • This year brought a bigger-than-usual batch of poly Valentine’s Day pieces on local TV news. Here’s another, and another.)

  • “Black America has a fierce attachment to monogamy, as our religious and cultural roots shun the idea of polyamory, having more than one open relationship at a time,” writes a columnist in Ebony. She says it's time to reconsider.

  • Open-marriage advocates go on the Dr. Phil Show and get chewed up, despite their experience doing TV and advocating for their way of life. Against a hostile TV host you cannot win; his video editors control everything. However, it would help not to be on record saying medically stupid woo-woo about STDs.

  • In a conservative part of Canada, a small poly community is profiled (nicely) by a big old-line newspaper.

  • Another poly household is profiled in hipper Vancouver.

  • Western poly ideas spread to South Asia, with thoughts on poly’s role in world culture into the far future.

  • The South African poly community has an experience being covered by the local edition of Cosmopolitan. It has a happy ending.

  • A conference in Hong Kong trailblazes the idea of multi-relationships for Chinese culture.

  • German polys speak out.

  • And finally, to try to see where this whole juggernaut is heading, here’s my keynote speech to Loving More’s national Poly Living conference, looking way ahead.


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