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Polyamory in the News: The last couple months

On ABC’s 20/20, eight adults and three kids face down an incredulous anchor and show millions what a happy poly network of families can look like. Gay triads stir heated reactions. Poly-friendly psychology professionals stage a breakthrough. Atlanta Poly Weekend. Poly Party Weekend. And do radicals take to poly especially well?

If you haven't kept up with POLYAMORY IN THE NEWS in the last couple months (or subscribed by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed:

  • Video, text, backstory, and participant reactions to the ABC 20/20 report. This is how good media is done.

  • As a followup: lots more on raising children in a poly home.

  • Group Marriage and the Future of the Family. Deborah Anapol sees a bright future for this poly model, though no time soon.

  • Atlanta Poly Weekend: my report. Exciting times at this up-and-coming poly con. What it’s like to go to these things.

  • "Love Without Boundaries: A Revolutionary Relationship". Do radicals adapt to poly life better than average? A long, happy article on the writer's amazing life, how she came to it, and what she thinks it means.

  • Open relationships: The people making it work, in one of the world’s leading newspapers.

  • In Australia, the Murdoch media go on a slippery slope crusade...

  • ...and an Ozzie poly spokeswoman picks up the flag for our side.

  • R. Crumb and Aline on their open marriage, at the opening night of a museum exhibition of his comix.

  • Gay male triads stir heated reactions inside the gay community. (We’re here, we’re poly, get used to it.)

  • A lesbian triad comes out in print, and tells why they think their family-formation model works.

  • "Poly-Baiting: Why We Need a More Inclusive LGBT Movement".

  • Poly researchers and therapists finally get to schedule a session at the American Psychiatric Association convention, and even though it was given a late slot on the last day in an out-of-the-way room, it drew a standing-room-only crowd nearly three times the size the room was intended for.

  • "Three partners, one family", treated well in the church magazine of Canada’s largest Protestant denomination.

  • And finally, taking a broad view of many current developments, From Monogamish to Relationship Anarchy: a Widening Poly Spectrum.

  • And oh yes, Poly Party Weekend is coming up June 15 – 17. Post your event!


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