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This community is moderated, the current moderator is joedecker. Ground rules:

My hope for this community is to have a repository of references to how the polyamory community is discussed from outside the community. This is intended to be more "polyamory in the news" rather than "news for the polyamorous."

1. Top-level posts must be on-topic—that is items in the media relating to polyamory or polyamorous folk. (By polyamory, I do not mean to refer to the band of the same name.) If the item is a news article at another source, provide a link as a part of a very short description. The first few posts should provide an example.

2. I've been putting the source to posts in little square brackets. Again, see the first few posts if you want an example. This is not required, but citing sources is encouraged.

3. Relevance to polyamory news per se will be judged in a pretty narrow manner. In the case of a linked news article, some mention of polyamory, an open relationship, or the like is sufficient, general articles about alternative sexualities, STDs, BDSM, etc., are (probably surprisingly) off-topic. "Hey, the NY Times mentioned polyamory" is on topic, "There's a poly event coming up" isn't on-topic unless it gets covered in non-traditional sources.

4. Top-level posts should avoid, where possible, too much commentary on the news, think of the top-level posts as "headlines" with links, where possible, to the full stories. If necesary, post the article, then post your thoughts/feelings about it as a comment.

5. Where an external link isn't available, use a cut-tag. Give us a headline as the text of the cut-tag, then put the actual "news story" within the cut tag.

6. Comments to posts need not be on-topic, or short. Go wild....

7. ...but rudeness will not be tolerated.

8. The decision of the moderator is final.